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You may be thinking now that such a wonderful instrument, the production of which demands so much effort, must be very expensive. But just have a look: These high quality instruments are available at a fair price.

Of course, all instruments shown are most carefully handmade and unique.

You may choose between one or two soundholes.

Basic model: Top plate made from spruce or lime wood, frame and bottom from sycamore. Shellac varnish.

Exclusive model: According to your request, these instruments are also available in a special workmanship, made from the choicest European tonewoods of an exquisite quality (top plate from spruce or lime wood, frame and bottom from mottled sycamore, ash or the very rare service berry), with a hand-applied shellac varnish.

Pricelist for lyres including bag and tuning wrench
(all prices in EURO)

Small Soprano Lyre, 27 strings, a'' - g
Basic model 1.070,00
Exclusive model 1.285,00
Big Soprano Lyre, 35 strings, d''' - e
Basic model 2.090,00
Exclusive model 2.400,00
Big Soprano Lyre, 39 strings, d''' - c
Basic Model 2.260,00
Exclusive Model 2.580,00
Solo Sopran Lyre, 41 strings, e''' - c
Basic model 2.350,00
Exclusive model 2.680,00
Solo Lyre, 42 strings, e''' - H
Basic model 2.430,00
Exclusive model 2.770,00
Solo Alto Lyre, 42 strings, a'' - E
Basic model 3.150,00
Exclusive model 3.530,00
Solo Alto Lyre, 42 strings, f'' - C
Basic model 3.200,00
Exclusive model 3.580,00

Furthermore Joecks Saiteninstrumentenbau builds UNIQUE SINGLE LYRES. These are made from special wood types and have brilliant sound colours.
You may obtain the prices for these instruments upon request.

Pricelist for CANTELES und NARINDAS including tuning wrench
(all prices in EURO)

Cantele, Ashwood or Maple, pentatonic
15 strings, h'' - D 360,00
Children's harp pentatonic
9 strings, d' - a'' 240,00
Melody Narinda
13 strings, f'' - c 240,00
Chord Narinda
20 strings, G-D-C-Be-F 380,00
Lute Narinda
21 strings, D-C-G 900,00

Bags for the above-mentioned instruments
are available at a price of 30,00 - 55,00 EURO.

Pricelist for Accessoires
(all prices in EURO)

Cantele, set of chords   37,00
Children's harp, set of chords   22,00
Melody Narinda, set of chords   32,00
Chord Narinda, set of chords   65,00
Tuning wrench, L-shaped   18,00
Music sheets A4 format, coloured per piece     1,50
Music sheets A4 format, black-and-white per piece     0,50
Small Soprano Lyre, set of chords   75,00
Big Soprano Lyre, set of chords 110,00
Solo Soprano Lyre, set of chords 135,00
Solo Alty Lyre, set of chords 187,00
Single chords upon request